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T&C - Win!

The Policy

The following terms and conditions apply to all competitions and promotions held either by MixUp Group Limited and (or) MixUp FM, a part of the MixUp Group Limited and our partners. This covers all platforms including but not limited to our or their websites, social media accounts and on air platforms.

By entering a competition or promotion you agree to bound by our terms and conditions set out within this document and agree to any other specific terms being set out for individual competitions. 

Specific rules may include instructions on how to enter a competition or promotion and other rules set out by MixUp Group Limited and (or) our partners.

In this document, “we” “our” “us” and “promoter” means MixUp Group Limited (company registration number 13057340). Our “partners” who may also operation competitions and promotions third-party entities who operate with us or on our behalf.

Each competition or promotion will start immediately, unless otherwise stated on air or through our website or our partners website, including social media accounts. The closing date and time will clearly be made available by our on air presenter or through our website, our partners website or through social media

Only one entry will be accepted for each individual competition or promotion that is ran by us or our partners and we will only accept the first valid entry submitted through the entry method as mentioned in the competition or promotion.

Volunteers, employees or any individual associated with MixUp Group Limited or MixUp FM including direct or indirect relations to our partners are not allowed to enter any competition or promotion.

Once the competition or promotion has closed a representative of our business will contact the winning entry via email from a dedicated email address; [email protected], it is the responsibility of the winning entry to ensure that this email address is white listed and that you reply within twenty-eight (28) days before your prize is released. 

MixUp Group Limited will release the prize within twenty-one (21) working days upon receiving confirmation from the winning entry on where to send their prize whether it be via email or to a physical address.

We or our partners may want to use your name, location and photo for marketing purposes. We will never disclose direct information that can be used to track or trace you or your home address and we will always seek consent before disclosing information related to our competition or promotions winners.

This policy is governed by our Data Protection team working in association with our Marketing department and our partners.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, you may contact us using the following details:

Data Protection Team
[email protected]

Policy Release and Revision Date

This policy is effective from Friday 9th April 2021, it was last revision on Saturday 10th April 2021.