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T&C - Radio

By using our services, you agree to our terms of service, available on our website (

Unauthorized recording of Mixup FM's streams is strictly prohibited, and may be in contravention of various copyright and data protection laws. Recording permission may be granted in extreme circumstances. To request approval for this, please email [email protected], quoting "FM Recording Request" in the subject line. Please clearly state your reason for recording our stream.

Anyone found to be in contravention of this policy may have their access to Mixup FM's services restricted or blocked, fully at the discretion of Mixup FM. If you believe your access to our services has been restricted or blocked incorrectly, please contact us at the earliest opportunity by emailing [email protected] and quoting "FM Restriction Appeal" in the subject line. Please include a clear statement as to why your access should be restored, and if possible, please include evidence if your access was wrongly restricted.

Please note: Commercial requests to record our streams will always be denied, and all appeals will be rejected. 

All enquiries regarding this policy should be directed to our team at [email protected]